Infrastructural Facilities

The womens? hostel is a double storied building of unique layout with a floor space of 1,805 sqm (19,450 sq.ft).

The ground floor has a central mess hall which can accommodate 150 students at a time.

Surrounding the central mess hall are 11 well ventilated triple sharing rooms each of area 22 sqm (240 sq.ft) with attached bathroom and dressing room. Access to these rooms are through spacious verandah. The space between the mess hall and the rooms have an open to sky area. Besides, the ground floor has a lobby, the hostel office, a kitchen, a pantry, storeroom wash area and servants room. Access to the upper floor is through staircases at two end locations of the building.

The first floor has 11 rooms of area 22 sqm (240 sq.ft) for occupation on triple sharing basis, 4 rooms of area 25.5 sqm(275 sq.ft) for an occupancy of four students and 2 rooms of area 33 sqm (360 sq.ft) for an occupancy of 6 students. The first floor also has a lobby.

This building has the approval of DTCP vide ïè â? 3842 / 2008 ªêñ 6 ï£?, 14 / 02 / 2011

Magna Campus board of black granite clad wall...

....metal crafted ornamental gateway...

....trees of rich canopy...