The name of the college Magna has a dual significance.

The term Magna is derived from the same term in Latin which means great or greatness.

Every student in Magna should strive for creative and innovative greatness while at college and continue in pursuit of the same, life - long, even after leaving the college.

It is a fundamental duty of every child to honour his / her parents. It consonance with this maxim, the college is named in commemoration of the parents of the founder. The name Magna is a coinage of the first syllable of the names of parents of the founder, Magdelene and Nayagam.

Welfare of one's child is foremost in Indian heritage and tradition. At every stage of one's life from infancy to childhood and in the transition from childhood to maturity, parents pay a great price and sacrifice to establish their child on his / her feet.

Every student in Magna should appreciate this loving gesture of his / her parents and live up to the hope and trust his / her parents have placed on him / her. The name of the college should therefore remind each student of the fundamental duty of honouring one's parents.

College Day

Chief Guest Ms.S.M.S.Nalini,Chief General Manager, NSIC, Chairman and Principal seated on the dias

Ms.S.M.S.Nalini addressing the gathering

Ms.S.M.S. Nalini awarding the students