Faculty of Physics

The Department has a highly sophisticated Physics laboratory to cater the needs of budding engineers. Here the students are exposed to the fundamental principles behind the physical phenomena. The lab is equipped with

  • Advanced LASER devices to determine the size of micro particles with high precision,
  • Latest ultra sonic interferometer to determine the velocity of ultra sound in liquids and their compressibility with a high degree of accuracy,
  • CROs to analyze the different types of waveforms and study the properties of transformer coils,
  • Semiconductors band gap kits to determine the band gap of semiconductor devices, precision
  • Spectrometers to analyze the spectra of mercury and sodium vapour lamps,
  • Travelling microscopes with high magnification and resolving power to study air ? wedges and Newton rings.

Apart from this the lab has many equipments to perform experiments to demonstrate various physical principles which complements the theoretical studies.

....explaning the phenomena of optical interference

....learning the principles of laser by doing

....a display of optical devices.