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Theatre:Gravity Special Talk: Activity :Night Sky Observation


        Magna space Club organized a Night Sky Observation for all the Volunteers  on 6September 2014.  The event began at 3.45 p.m after the regular classes. The volunteers gathered to observe the night sky were refreshed with tea and snacks. After an interval of 15 minutes, the club projected an Oscar winning  movie “GRAVITY” With interval of few minutes, the movie resumed.

 “ AMAZING SPACE” a guest lecture was given by Mr.P.Sevvel, Dept.of Mechanical Engineering after the completion of the movie. A detail video and graphical presentation was given on the ground rules of the space and also fundamentals of planets. Students were endorsed with lots of inputs.

Around 7.00p.m, all the volunteers and the staff members gathered on the porch to visualize the night sky and the stars. Because of heavy clouds on the sky, a transparent vision was not possible and the program was postponed to another possible day. The students were safely dropped in their respective homes.