The mens hostel is a double storied quadrangular building with a floor space of 4,425 sqm. (47,570 sq.ft). There is a vast open space at the centre. The ground floor has 26 well ventilated triple sharing rooms each of area 28 sqm. (300 sq.ft) with built in shelves. Access to these rooms are through spacious verandah. Besides, the ground floor also has the hostel office, a hall for indoor games, a kitchen, store room, wash area and two mess halls each of which can accommodate 200 students at a time. Access to the upper floor is through staircases at four midpoint locations of the building. The first floor has 36 triple sharing rooms. Washrooms are provided at the four corners of the quadrangular building on each floor. Attached to the mens hostel are four guest rooms with bath attached facility and four servant quarters.

Rubik's Cube Club

Grandmaster Mr. John Louis, Mr. Arnaud and Master Bernett Orlando enthrall the audience with their amazing mental power

Master Bernett solves a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded in just 3 minutes.

Mr. Arnaud entertain the students by solving a 2 x 2 mini cube