Laboratory Facilities

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is equipped with excellent laboratory facilities, comprising of machineries in accordance with the modern technological changes and trends. The Department has independent laboratories to suit the needs of the students and to impart effective training of the students.

ENGINEERING PRACTICES LAB is equipped with set ups for performing exercises in carpentry, welding, sheet metal work, smithy, plumbing and foundry.

MANUFACTRUING TECHNOLOGY LAB I is equipped with machineries like center lathe (both geared type and cone pulley type), Capstan and Turret lathe to study about the various manufacturing processes and fabrication techniques.

MANUFACTRUING TECHNOLOGY LAB II is equipped with machineries like surface grinding machine, planner, shaper, slotter, tool makers microscope , drilling machine, cylindrical grinding machine, gear hobbing machine for doing exercises like facing, turning, step turning, knurling, grooving, taper turning, thread cutting, chamfering, spur gear milling, surface grinding, eccentric turning, key way cutting, cylindrical grinding, reaming etc.

HEAT ENGINES LAB is equipped with PENSKY MARTENS flash point, redwood viscometer to determine flash and fire point etc and also with two stroke petrol engine, four stroke petrol engine, single cylinder diesel engine, four stroke diesel engine, data acquisition with four stroke petrol engine to conduct performance tests and balance tests on these engines and also to find out the frictional power.

DYNAMICS LAB is equipped with apparatus such as Governors (Watt, Proell, Hartnell and Porter), gyroscope, cam analyser, whirling of shaft apparatus, static and dynamic balancing apparatus, gear models, flywheel and connecting rods to attain the practical knowledge of gyroscopic motion, balancing of static and dynamic loads, vibrating systems, cams and governors.

METROLOGY AND INSTRUMENTATION LAB is fully equipped with measuring and calibrating instruments like vernier calipers, micrometer, height gauges, depth gauges, dial gauges, LVDTS, load cells, sine bars, gear tooth vernier, auto collimator, profile projector, Bevel protractor, vibration and temperature measuring instruments which enables the student to gain knowledge in the methods of measurements and their applications, calibration of various instruments, checking precise dimensions of machinery parts etc.

HEAT TRANSFER LAB is equipped with emissivity apparatus, Stefan?s Boltzman apparatus, thermal conductivity apparatus, parallel and counter flow heat exchanger, natural and enforced convection apparatus, pin fin apparatus, lagged pipe, refrigeration and air conditioning units, two stage compressors to study about the various modes of heat transfer.

CAD / CAM LAB is equipped with highly configured computer systems with relevant softwares such as AutoCAD, ProE, ANSYS, FANUC,CNC simulation to design and model machine components like flange coupling, universal joints, plummer block, tail stock, connecting rod, machine vice, screw jack, stuffing box, safety valve, multi plate clutch in both 2D and 3D. The students are also trained to do analysis of the various structures. Using simulation software the students are trained to do simulation of turning and milling.

MECHATRONICS LAB is equipped with experimental kits such as microcontroller trainer kit, stepper motor controller, pneumatic and electro pneumatic trainer kit with PLC, hydraulic and pneumatic simulation software which helps to study about the applications of Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical and Computer principles for the operation and control of Mechanical and Electronics systems.

Technical Seminar

Mr.D.Manish Hembram, Technical Engineering, AERO 260 on scope of unmanned aerial vehicle

Mr.D.Manish Hembram interacts with the students on jet propulsion engines and hovercraft

A demo session on jet propulsion engines and hovercraft


4 Mbps leased line Internet connectivity is made available to students


A Kirloskar green 250 KVA (200KW) genset provides uninterrupted power supply for the entire campus in case of power cuts.

Automatic Weather Station