The heavy machinery building also comprises of a twin north and south building of industrial type sheds of comparatively high roof with a built up area of 1455 sqm (15,650 sq.ft) The buildings have spacious verandah running along the length of the building and have a span of 15.25m (50 ft). A mezzanine floor in the building accommodates faculty rooms with a viewing balcony which overlooks the labs. The building houses heavy machinery labs like the hydraulics lab, strength of material lab, lathes and special machines lab, thermal labs and basic mechanical lab. Rest rooms are located at the end of each building.

Robotic Cell

Mr. N. Subramanian, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Mechanical Engg., KCG College of Technology, Chennai – 97. delivers a guest lecture on Robotics and its advancements

Mr. Kedar Kulkarni, Dept of Metallurgy & Mat. Sc., IIT, Madras gives a Technical Seminar on Robotics and its Advancements

Members of the Robotics Club attend the Technical Seminar