Laboratory facilities

The Department is well supported by excellent and neatly designed, spacious laboratory halls with latest equipments keeping in trend with the industrial needs. The laboratory is continuously substituted and backed up with equipments to cater to changes in the technological advancements and to increase the industrial exposure of the students. The Department has the following labs:

BASIC ELECTRICAL LAB is equipped with arrangement of residential wiring household electrical equipments to impart the basic knowledge of electrical engineering to budding engineers.

ELECTRICAL MACHINES LAB is equipped with latest devices such as motor ? generator sets, motor ? alternator sets, 3 phase induction motors, single phase induction motors, transformers and synchronous motors to meet the requirements of industries.

ELECTRIC CIRCUITS LAB is equipped with digital storage oscilloscopes and active and passive components to impart a sound knowledge on the principles of electric circuits.

MEASUREMENT AND INSUTRUMENTATION LAB is equipped with various types of AC and DC bridges, transducers, data acquisition systems, storage and display devices which provide adequate exposure to electrical instruments and measurement techniques.

CONTROL SYSTEMS LAB is equipped with AC servomotors, DC servomotors, synchros, stepper motors, controllers and compensator design circuits and with MAT lab simulation software which provides the basic knowledge in the concepts of linear control theory and design of control systems.

POWER ELECTRONICS LAB is equipped with switching devices, AC and DC convertors, choppers, PWM inverters, DC to DC converters which introduces the students to the application of electronic devices for conversion, control and conditioning of electric power.

POWER SYSTEM SIMULATION LAB is equipped with the Anna University Power Simulation software to enable the students to acquire software development skills in power systems.

College Day

Chief Guest Ms.S.M.S.Nalini,Chief General Manager, NSIC, Chairman and Principal seated on the dias

Ms.S.M.S.Nalini addressing the gathering

Ms.S.M.S. Nalini awarding the students