Laboratory Facilities

The Department stands eminent with the state ? of ? art computing facilities and is well ? equipped with fully networked laboratories with servers and highly configured nodes. The Department has exclusively 13 computer laboratories for efficient functioning. The laboratories are a manifestation of more than 350 computers with the latest technological configuration. There are also audio ? visual facility in the labs, which are used for lecture sessions and student presentations. The computer systems are installed with all the academic software for conducting the laboratory courses prescribed in the syllabus. Internet facility is also provided to enrich the students with the upcoming technologies.

The Department houses the following labs:

COMPUTER PRACTICE LAB I is equipped with highly configured systems to learn about the varied operations of the Microsoft Office tools and to practice the basic concepts of C programming.

COMPUTER PRACTICE LAB II is equipped with LINUX servers and networked nodes to study about UNIX commands using Telnet and also the advanced concepts of C programming.

DATA STRUCTURES LAB is equipped with computers of latest technology to master the practical design and applications of linear, tree, balanced tree, hashing, set and graph structures using C programming.

OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING LAB is equipped with advanced systems to know and master the concepts of Object Oriented Programming using C++ programming.

DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS is equipped with modern systems to develop the knowledge about database design and implementation using Oracle and Visual Basic.

OPERATING SYSTEMS LAB is equipped with most up ? to ? date systems to learn about the various aspects of Operating Systems such as Process Management, Memory Management and Input / Output Management.

JAVA LAB is equipped with systems to enable the study of object oriented, event driven and concurrent programming paradigms using JAVA programming concepts.

NETWORKS LAB is equipped with well connected server and client structured systems to support the study of the concepts and protocols of networking and also the effective implementation of the routing protocols.

SYSTEM SOFTWARE LAB is equipped with modern systems to have an understanding of the foundations of the design process of the assemblers, loaders, linkers, compilers and microprocessors using C programming.

CASE TOOLS LAB is equipped with highly configured systems to learn about basic Object Oriented Analysis and design using UML diagrams and design patterns.

INTERNET PROGRAMMING LAB is equipped with systems of latest technology to learn about web page designing using HTML, servlets, XML, AJAX, JSP and database.

COMPUTER GRAPHICS LAB is equipped with systems of latest technology with multimedia support to train the students for developing multimedia applications using the softwares 3DMAX, MAYA , BLENDER etc.

OPEN SOURCE LAB is equipped with highly configured systems with LINUX distro supplemented with relevant packages and hence the students get an exposure to FOSS environment and to open source packages.

Robotics Cell

Robotryst – 2014, National Level Robotics Championship

Magnites participation in Robotryst 2014

Students being awarded during Robotryst 2014