Laboratory Facilities

The Department is endowed with excellent laboratory facilities with latest equipments consistent with the norms of Anna University. The laboratories are also continuously updated in tune with the changing technological advancements. This enables the students not only to excel in their University exams but also enables them to rise up to the expectations of the industries. The Department has the following laboratories

CIVIL ENGINEERING PRACTICE LAB is equipped with systematic arrangement of plumbing and carpentry to impart the students the practical knowledge of plumbing lines of buildings, joints, roofs, doors, windows of a building and furniture for home accessories.

SURVEYING LAB is equipped with the latest devices such as total stations, theodolites, plane table instruments, dumpy levels and other surveying equipments to instill in the students the basic skills and knowledge of field work in surveying and also the recent up ? gradations in survey field techniques.

COMPUTER AIDED BUILDING DRAWING LAB is equipped with highly configured computer systems installed with AUTOCAD software to enable the students to draft building drawings in accordance with the development and control rules and standards.

STRENGTH OF MATERIALS LAB is equipped with heavy and recent devices such as universal testing machine, fatigue testing machine, torsion testing machine, spring testing machine, impact testing machine, extensometer, deflectometer, compressometer and strain guage to impart knowledge of the strength of materials and stiffness properties of structural elements to meet the industrial demand in structural engineering.

HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING LAB is equipped with various types of turbines such as Pelton wheel turbine, Francis turbine, Kaplan turbine, submersible pumps and other equipments to verify the principles and gain knowledge in the discipline of Applied Hydraulic Engineering.

SOIL MECHANICS LAB is equipped with universal testing machines and other equipments to impart the knowledge of testing the soil to assess its engineering properties and index properties.

ENVIRONMENTAL AND IRRIGATION ENGINEERING DRAWING LAB is equipped with drawing boards to develop the skill of manual drawing in connection with water supply and sewage treatment, disposal and canal regulation structures with recent up - gradation in building drawing rules and standards.

ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING LAB is equipped with PH meter, conductivity meter, magnetic stirrer with hot plates, muffle furnace, BOD incubator and other equipments to impart the skill to measure the quality parameters of water and sewage.

COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN AND DRAFTING LAB is equipped with Design and Analysis software to expose the students about the design and preparation of structural drawing for concrete/steel structures normally encountered in Civil Engineering practices.

Technical Seminar

Resource person Mr.K.Allah Pitchai during the Technical Seminar

Mr.K.Allah Pitchai explaining about Geo spatial technologies